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pod2g:一切关于iOS 5.1.1 完美越狱问题的解答

关于 iOS 5.1.1 完美越狱又有了新的进展,越狱大神 pod2g 在博客上发表了一些对网友问的最频繁的问题的解答,快来看看这里面有没有你关心的呢? 苹果教程网 为您全文翻译!

pod2g ios511 完美越狱

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I receive lots of questions either by email or twitter about the 5.1.x untethered jailbreak.

我在推特和邮件收到了很多关于 iOS5.1.X 完美越狱的问题。

Here are some answers :


  • The poll about releasing now or waiting for 6.0 ended with a 64% / 33% to release ASAP. Where is the link ? ETA ? How much % done ? etc.
    之前发布的关于是现在发布 iOS 5.1完美越狱还是等到 iOS 6的投票(详见 苹果教程网 之前发布的新闻)最后结果为 64%支持现在放出,33%支持等到 iOS 6 再放出。那个链接在哪儿?有预计放出日期吗?目前完美越狱已经完成了百分之多少了?
    As I said earlier in twitter, there’s still a lot to do to have a user friendly and well tested tool to install the jailbreak on end users devices. Expect a release in a couple of weeks.
  • Will it be compatible with my <any random iOS device> ?
    会支持任何 iOS 设备吗?
    It will be compatible with any device running iOS 5.1.1 except ATV3 (right now, may change in a near future, nobody knows).
    目前所知的是,除了暂时不支持 Apple TV 3,其他的设备都支持。
    Yeah, I said _any_ , which means yeah <your iOS device>.
    所以说,几乎就是支持所有的 iOS 设备。
  • Why is it so slow to release now that the iPad 3,1 has been demoed ?
    为什么你都放出了 iPad 3 完美越狱视频却还不完整放出工具或教程呢?
    There are 16 different devices out there to work on and to test. It takes time.
  • May I be a beta tester ?
    No, sorry. Only really trusted people (that can be counted on one hand) could have access to the jailbreak. I don’t want any leak to happen.
  • What if I offer you 1,000,000$ ?
    That doesn’t change a thing.

Be patient, it’s gonna happen.

耐心点儿,iOS 5.1完美越狱会放出的。

See you my friends.



因此,总结一下就是:会放出的,耐心点儿,支持几乎所有 iOS 5.1 的设备,别催,没内测,关注 苹果教程网 !

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